Want to learn how to pick your blog niche, learn WordPress, design your blog with a theme, and write your first few blog posts? If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog, then Suzi Whitford from Start A Mom Blog is the #1 best resource for you.

Blog By Number Course Review

Blog By Number is the most in-depth and affordable course for anyone who wants to feel comfortable and confident in their WordPress dashboard.

It also includes plenty of information on how you can make money with your blog. You could sell printables. Suzi also has detailed instructions on how to write posts contains affiliate links.

Get started today with Suzi’s FREE COURSE How To Start A Blog. Once you complete that course, she will email you a coupon for a substantial discount on the Blog By Number course.

Who is Suzi Whitford?

You may or may not be familiar with Suzi Whitford, but she’s the multi-tasking mommy maven from Start A Mom Blog.

Suzi created the well-known Blog By Number course to give mom’s a super simple, step-by-step guide on how to start a profitable blog.

It’s really no surprise that Suzi came to master blogging–a true tech nerd at heart, she is also a former industrial engineer who kissed corporate life goodbye to raise a family.

I think this is a huge part of what make’s Suzi’s story attractive for so many women. She applied her knowledge, skill, and ability from a corporate career into a thriving home business.

I love that Suzi makes a full-time income, working part-time hours. She finds plenty of time to be a loving, present mom and wife. And now she is helping other women do the same thing!

You can find Suzi at her business website, Start A Mom Blog, and her lifestyle blog, The Whitford Life.

What’s included in Blog By Number?

Blog By Number is the first blogging course I signed up for, and I’m so glad that I did. In Blog By Number, Suzi takes you by hand through the blog creation process from start to finish. No hype here:

65+ click by click videos
Blog by Number ebook
50+ PreBuilt Websites to choose from
Blog Post Templates
500+ Stock Images
8,000+ Blog Post Ideas
And so much more!

Whether you are planning to start a blog soon, or already have a blog but aren’t sure of the next steps to take, this is a fabulous compilation of info that’s going to set you on the right track and help you ensure your blog is set up correctly.

One of the most valuable modules in this course is by far how to make money on your blog. Suzi shares various ad companies and affiliate programs you can apply to and includes the links and requirements along with them. That makes it super easy for you to determine which companies you should be working with.

Suzi also offers guidance specifically on selling services and digital products on your blog–taking all the guesswork and trial and error out of monetization.

You’ll walk away from each module with actionable steps that are easy to implement, and will bring you results.

Who should take the Blog by Number course?

Don’t be thrown off by Suzi’s brand name, Start A Mom Blog–her course is not only for mom bloggers! The steps and principles in Blog By Number can be applied to nearly any niche.

The Blog by Number course is absolutely perfect if you haven’t started your blog yet or you’re still new and struggling to put it all together. There are strategies to write better blog posts, build your email list, design beautiful pages using the WordPress Gutenberg Editor, and make money from month one.

Categories include:

  • Technical aspects of actually creating your WordPress blog
  • The best free and affordable plugins for your site and how to install them
  • How to structure powerful blog posts with headings, so that your writing is clear to your readers and to the search engines
  • DIY instructions for creating a logo and favicon for your blog brand
  • Tips for using Pinterest and SEO to gain organic blog traffic
  • How to grow your email list
  • And last but not least, how to make money blogging

If you have been blogging for a year or two and have never taken a blog course before, there may still be a few things you can learn. You may spot a few improvements you can make on your blog. Often, it’s the little things that can make a huge difference.

Can we talk a minute about blog niches?

Maybe you’ve been thinking about starting a blog but you haven’t figured out what you will actually blog about. If that’s the case, I encourage you to read Suzi’s blog post List of Blog Niches That Make Money. It’s a great post that should provide you with some encouragement.

Suzi’s course Niche by Number course walks you through an intensive self-search and outside market research to discover exactly what you should blog about. And the 45-page ebook included in Niche By Number is solid gold!

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Suzi has created a free starter guide for new bloggers.

“The Perfect Blog Plan” is an easy-to-follow, monthly step-by-step process so that you’ll know exactly what to do with your blog the first year!

What’s to love about Suzi Whitford’s Blog By Number?

Compared to other popular blog courses on the market, this course is very affordable. You have the option to make one payment of $97 or two payments of $49. I love that Suzi provides a mom-friendly payment plan for those of us on a tight budget.

The main perk of Blog By Number is the fact that you’re getting a complete walk-through on how to create a profitable home business.

Yes, you could totally find free information on Google, Pinterest, and YouTube but why waste time? How do you know if the resource is updated? $97 is a great price to have a step-by-step system that is easy to follow.

Another great factor is Suzi includes a download of her Blog By Number eBook as well as a workbook for the course and my favorite – the course checklist! #nerdalert

The course checklist includes the estimated time required for each step, giving you an actionable plan to block off the right amount of time. I wish more online course creators did this – because I learn best with a syllabus and workbook. I like to check the boxes and have a clear place to take notes.

It’s a really nice alternative for anyone who wants to be able to refer to the information without going through the teachable modules again.

Suzi’s teaching approach is something well worth mentioning too. She’s an Engineer and Lean Six Sigma, focusing on growth and consistent improvement through process optimization.

Since it’s a big meaty course, she’s gone through every video and added chapter markers. So you can easily find what you’re looking for without searching the entire course.

I like that with Suzi’s method of teaching, you waste zero time. Every module is clear and you can apply what she teaches immediately. I don’t think I’m able to say this about any other online course I’ve taken.

And, if tech stuff isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Suzi speaks slowly and shows you step by step how to do everything right on the screen. Not to mention, the audio and visual quality of her course is top-notch–ensuring all the info is presented in a crystal clear format that everyone can understand.

All in all, this course is very thorough in explaining the basic ins and outs of blogging and there is a little something to be gained for almost any stage in the blogging journey.

Are there downsides to Blog By Number?

As mentioned earlier, Blog By Number is tailored for new (and some intermediate) bloggers. If you’re already making a small but steady income on your blog, you might find this information to be too elementary for you.

Also, Suzi recommends starting your blog by writing 3 or 4 pillar posts, creating a lead magnet, and sharing your blog on Pinterest all within the first month.

I totally disagree with Suzi on that. Personally, I believe that starting a blog is lot of work. You need to find your voice while you also geek out on the WordPress tech stuff at the same time.

My advice is always to write at least 10 good blog posts… because without content you really don’t have a blog. Then format your blog so that it looks good. Then make sure that the categories and navigation make sense. And then work on a lead magnet to build your email subscriber list.

After that, you can start sharing on Pinterest and social media while you add 2 or 3 blog posts per month. I love Suzi’s teaching style so much, but I’m still not sure why she suggests sharing the blog when it has less than 10 blog posts. You want your blog visitors to have a good idea of what your site is all about.

Start A Mom Blog Reviews

If you’ve been searching the internet for Start A Mom Blog Reviews, you probably came across many reviews from mom bloggers. Women in the parenting, and homemaking niches.

But, any blogger can launch a blog with Suzi’s course.

I blog about all things related to a small home business, and my revenue focus is affiliate marketing, not courses or printables. I launched this website (a successful blog) with Suzi’s course.

Suzi Whitford Course Review

Let’s remember–you’re not just looking to start a blog for kicks, you’re doing this to launch a home business!

In my opinion, Suzi is a born teacher and the queen of easy-to-follow screenshots, and you can walk away from her Blog By Number course with a very strong blog foundation. You will be well on your way to consistently making money every month!

You can enroll in Blog By Number and review all Suzi’s courses by clicking here.

Suzi has created a free starter guide for new bloggers.

“The Perfect Blog Plan” is an easy-to-follow, monthly step-by-step process so that you’ll know exactly what to do with your blog the first year!

Hello there! I’m Jill, thanks for visiting my blog. I help women create work-life flexibility and financial stability by building a profitable online business they love.  Feel free to send me a message and let me know how I can help YOU!

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