It may seem like a funny thing to think about, but even the most organized small business owners could use some help streamlining their businesses or having an objective third party to talk to about their goals.

Because the real truth is that at times, having a home business is hard. It can be lonely and occasionally there is some stress. know that when my business spirit is down, I want help stat – encouragement, inspiration, tough love, hand-holding, and done for me templates.  I want an amazing, affordable business coach.

I want a non-judgmental sounding board who offers clarity, perspective and accountability. I want someone with an outside viewpoint to tell me exactly what to fix or change.

Thankfully, I found exactly what I was looking for in Rhonda Melogy and her group coaching program for service providers: Systems By Design.

This long post will give you all the deets on amazing, affordable, life transforming business coaching by my mentor, coach & biz bestie Rhonda.

What is Systems By Design?

Systems By Design is an affordable, membership-based coaching system led by Rhonda Melogy.  The coaching is for women who want to scale their service-based business. Most of the members are work from home moms that aren’t seeing the results… feeling unmotivated…. want a strong push to get “unstuck”. 

These are the women who want to trade stress goals for reasonable stretch goals. 

The women smart enough to know that productivity and profits are directly proportional to their ability to automate and follow systems.

If you are feeling confused, anxious and overwhelmed lately, but you are NOT going to throw in the towel, then this is the community for you. Welcome home. 

Who is Rhonda Melogy?

You’ve probably never heard of Rhonda Melogy.  She’s not as well known Ruth Soukup or Jenna Kutcher – but she might be one day very soon. 

Personal Rhonda:

Offline, Rhonda is devoted to her family. She’s a wife and mom.  She’s married to a US military helicopter pilot.  She’s an instant pot and freezer cooking fan. She has four kids and two huge dogs.  Her best ideas come when she is spinning like a mad woman on her Peloton bike and doing Facebook lives at the same time.  She humbly describes herself as a “homeschooling soccer mom obsessed with systems”.  

Business Rhonda:

Rhonda is a hustler who likes to help people. Offline, she started and manages a children’s consignment business that has become one of the largest in her home state.

Rhonda is the host of Business Strategy Radio Podcast.

Rhonda hangs with the big boys.  She’s a performance coach for Stephen Larsen’s Offer Mind. Just in case you don’t recognize the name, I’ll break it down for you. For two years, Larsen was the Lead Funnel Builder at ClickFunnels and has his own Two Comma Club Award. In the book “Expert Secrets”, Russell Brunson ends his thank you page by crediting Stephen for being his constant sounding board.

(Side thought: how great is that name? Do you get it? The 2 Comma Club is a club for those who have generated at least $1,000,000 in revenue)

Rhonda was involved in helping Abbey Ashley launch and manage her insanely successful Virtual Assistant training membership. Rhonda is friends with Monica Froese (Redefining Mom & Pin Practical Courses) and Jordan Gill (Systems Saved Me & Pimp Your Podcast). 

In the online world, Rhonda is my Kevin Bacon. 

Working with Rhonda in 2020 is like saying:

  • You learned to perform with little known Mouseketeers Brittney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Christina Aguilera
  • You learned to dance and act with Jennifer Lopez, Jim Carrey and Jaime Fox on the set of In Living Color
  • You laughed it up and with Paula Abdul and Arsenio Hall while Simon Cowell’s “American Idol” was being turned down by every major network

Now is the time to have Rhonda as your affordable business coach because the girl is blowing up!

What does Systems By Design Include?

Systems By Design has two components; the first is Roadmap To Revenue.

But before you even start your “Roadmap To Revenue,” you will first take a business assessment questionnaire. It’s long and intense.  And depending on how disorganized you are, it might even be depressing.  You will answer questions about your business like:

  • Do you have a business checking and savings account?
  • Do you have a mission statement for your business?
  • Do you have a professional email signature for your business email?
  • Do you have canned responses added to your business email?
  • Do you have a client onboarding system in place?
  • Do you have a client offboarding system in place?
  • Do you have a client testimonial system in place?
  • Do you have one social platform where you show up consistently?

After you complete the assessment, you then receive your “milestones”.  These are the suggestions that Rhonda makes to strengthen your foundation. 

Roadmap to Revenue has five modules. 


The first milestone in Rhonda’s course involves getting your business organized. Here she will begin to set you up for success by helping you create a “business binder” and weekly calendar using Trello. One factor that makes Rhonda’s course so user friendly is her pre-made Trello boards. You will be able to save and re-use the templates provided, and then easily follow through with Rhonda’s step-by-step How-To’s to create your business binder using the provided template.

By the end of level 1, you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools you need to organize your online business like a pro. Before Systems By Design I hated Trello.  Now I love it.  I’ve probably stopped wasting 1 to 2 hours per week just by following Rhonda’s instructions in Module 1.

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The next level is all about the services you will be offering your clients. This module is full of gems like how to set your rates, create packages for your clients and decide what your “niche” is. Factors that can initially take time to master through trial and error are simplified through Rhonda’s Find Your Rate Calculator, A La Carte Pricing Tool and Workflow Wizard worksheet to name a few resources. Her templates and worksheets come as an instant download to your computer or are shared as a file on Google Drive. 


Module 3 is one of the most important modules because it provides straight forward advice and templates for talking with prospective clients and onboarding new clients.

The Discovery Call

A “discovery call” refers to the initial call you have with a prospective client. This is when you will find out about the client’s needs and what support you can offer them.  If you are still getting your business in place, chances are there may be a lot of question marks regarding how your discovery call should go. For example: What should you say? Which method is best for scheduling your calls? How do you decline a call?

Here Rhonda will equip you with a series of templates to help you. Templates include a Discovery Call Checklist, Call Email Template, Mock Portfolio and more. You will be able to not only download the templates but also make edits to them so they are personal to your business. 

Client Onboarding 

In part two of the client management system, you will receive coaching about how to welcome your new client to your business. This is referred to as the onboarding process. Rhonda teaches you how to explain to clients the way you work, and she provides instructions for multiple platforms like LastPass, Voxer, and PayPal that she recommends for running your business. 


Have you implemented a calendar management system? This level will review the steps you need to reach that milestone in your business. Using Trello, Rhonda will provide a template of a proven way to stay organized each week, month and quarter.  And she will teach you tricks for accomplishing those tasks you may be avoiding. 


After getting a system in place to manage and run your business, you will finish your Roadmap To Revenue with a marketing plan. On level 5, Rhonda shares her best tips to help you shine in a crowd of people–because let’s face it, you are not the only person going for that client’s business. At the end of this module, you will be able to step into a competitive market full of confidence with crystal clear strategies on how to get clients.  

Your Systems By Design Membership Includes “The Tech Lab”

The second component of Systems By Design is the Tech Lab. This is a series of videos that give step by step training for various business tools mentioned throughout the Roadmap to Revenue.  Courses include standard programs used in a service business such as Canva, Dubsado, Trello, Mailerlite, Squarespace and Facebook Ads Manager to name a few. With over 40 different videos, the Tech Lab is an excellent feature for entrepreneurs who have little to no knowledge of those systems and want to become digitally savvy. 

(Side thought: I’m a huge fan of delegating.  So, if you have a Virtual Assistant then the Systems By Design membership would be the gift that keeps on giving)

What does Systems By Design Cost?

Now that you have a breakdown of what Systems By Design and Rhonda can do for you, let’s talk money.  What does all this cost???

This business coaching is offered as a membership, with the option to be billed $37 monthly and cancel anytime, or a one-time fee of $797.

The yearly membership fee of $797 will include access to the modules and Tech Lab program as well as Rhonda’s “personalized, done for you 90-day roadmap of your business” via Trello.

The 90-day roadmap is a personalized Trello template for you. Rhonda breaks down your step-by-step plan of action specifically based on your answers to her Business Assessment.

Rhonda is offering the most affordable monthly business coaching package that I have ever seen.  She shows up almost daily to answer your questions in the Facebook group.  She also runs co-working hours at least 2 or 3 times per month.  And there are 3 or 4 group moderators available to provide clarification on module topics, worksheets, tech issues, etc.

Most business coaches ask you to shell out $700 – $1000 per month for 2 or 3 phone calls. If you can’t afford the $797 annual fee right now, the $297 three month payment plan is a great option. And it speaks to Rhonda’s personality – she really wants to help as many women as possible.

Is Systems By Design For You?

While Systems By Design is a great program, it does cater to service-providers, not Shopify or Etsy store owners. With that said, this coaching and course is a good option for you if:

  • You have services that you want to sell to clients.
  • You want to automate systems in your business with the right tools like Trello, Dubsado, Zoom, an Email Service Provider, etc. 
  • You want to learn how to structure your business.
  • You want to learn how you price your services.
  • You want step by step guides to hone your technical skills.

I can’t stress this enough, getting your business systems in place is a must for service providers because it will help decrease the amount of non-billable hours you spend on your business.

Time is money for service providers.  Non-billable hours is the time you spend on administrative tasks.  It’s everything in your business not related to client work.  It’s creating your portfolio of services, perfecting your client pitch, setting up your contracts, etc. Too many non-billable hours will decrease your profit. 

Not a service provider?

Systems by Design brings loads of value to the table for service providers, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for everyone. Here are two reasons why Rhonda’s coaching package might not be for you:

  1. You do not have a service-based business. If you are looking to sell products to your clients or make money blogging, then this membership/coaching probably won’t be right for you. This is designed for service providers.
  2. You’re not ready to start a business for the long term. If you are satisfied working as a freelancer with 1 or 2 clients and don’t want to plan for growth, then you might not need the bells and whistles of full-on business coaching.

Systems By Design as Your Guide

Want to get a taste of Rhonda’s style? Listen to her Business Strategy Radio Podcast. Rhonda’s problem-solving skills are not mere theory or fluff to just get you motivated.  She is sharing strategies that she has used personally in her own business to reach success. Every Wednesday she shares actionable strategies for virtual assistants, social media managers, project managers, online business managers, and creatives.

You can also watch a quick intro video of her here.

A good business coach will have the ability to challenge your thinking and your goals in a non-threatening, non-judgmental way. Instead of staying inside our comfort zones, a coach will encourage you to explore what we fear in an effort to fight that fear and try something new. A good business coach, like Rhonda, will also have the skill to break down large tasks into smaller tasks that don’t seem so intimidating.

Before you spend good money on a business coach, I believe that you should always make sure that the person you consider is at a significantly higher income level or level of success than you. With all of Rhonda’s experience, plus her amazing work-life balance, she is the perfect coach for me. I’m thrilled to be a Systems By Design member, and I encourage you to learn more here.

Hello there! I’m Jill, thanks for visiting my blog. I help women create work-life flexibility and financial stability by building a profitable online business they love.  Feel free to send me a message and let me know how I can help YOU!

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